She has a wild streak and a taste for the exotic. She is a Refined Rebel.

She’s always been cut from a different cloth. She is spontaneous and daring with a magnetic gravity that is irresistible. She’s a whirlwind, but with her it’s never boring. She’s attracted to things collected on the road less travelled. She is a Refined Rebel.

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Refined Rebel Details

Designs for the Refined Rebel are not afraid to go where no others can. They often claim new ground, innovate, and break the rules. Daring. Exotic. Cultured. Mysterious. And magical. The Refined Rebel collection is named after imagery, destinations, and folklore discovered along the edges of the four corners of the world.

ZR1496 Wedding Band

14K - ZR1496

ZR1496 Wedding Set

14K - ZR1496

ZR1497 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR1497

ZR1497 Wedding Band

14K - ZR1497

ZR1497 Wedding Set

14K - ZR1497

ZR1496 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR1496

ZR1433 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR1433

ZR1433 Wedding Band

14K - ZR1433

ZR1433 Wedding Set

14K - ZR1433

ZR1423 Wedding Set

14K - ZR1423

ZR1423 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR1423

ZR1423 Wedding Band

14K - ZR1423

ZR1393 Right-Hand Ring

14K - ZR1393

ZR1382 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR1382

ZR1388 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR1388

ZR1381 Fashion Ring

14K - ZR1381

ZR1367 Right-Hand Ring

14K - ZR1367

ZR1374 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR1374

ZR1357 Right-Hand Ring

14K - ZR1357

ZR1359 Right-Hand Ring

14K - ZR1359

ZR1351 Fashion Ring

14K - ZR1351

ZR1353 Right-Hand Ring

14K - ZR1353

ZR1338 Right-Hand Ring

14K - ZR1338

ZR1340 Right-Hand Ring

14K - ZR1340

ZR1342 Right-Hand Ring

14K - ZR1342

ZR1343 Right-Hand Ring

14K - ZR1343

ZR1325 Right-Hand Ring

14K - ZR1325

ZR1330 Fashion Ring

14K - ZR1330

ZR1322 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR1322

ZR1314 Right-Hand Ring

14K - ZR1314

ZR1315 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR1315

ZR1315 Wedding Band

14K - ZR1315

ZR1315 Wedding Set

14K - ZR1315

ZR1301 Wedding Band

14K - ZR1301

ZR1301 Wedding Set

14K - ZR1301

ZR1299 Fashion Ring

14K - ZR1299

ZR1301 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR1301

ZR1296 Fashion Ring

14K - ZR1296

ZR1286 Right-Hand Ring

14K - ZR1286

ZR1291 Right-Hand Ring

14K - ZR1291

ZR1283 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR1283

ZR1281 Fashion Ring

14K - ZR1281

ZR1282 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR1282

ZR1217 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR1217

ZR1207 Fashion Ring

14K - ZR1207

ZR1208 Fashion Ring

14K - ZR1208

ZR1199 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR1199

ZR1199 Wedding Band

14K - ZR1199

ZR1199 Wedding Set

14K - ZR1199

ZR1145 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR1145

ZP842 Pendant

14K - ZP842

ZP825 Pendant

14K - ZP825

ZP826 Pendant

14K - ZP826

ZP819 Pendant

14K - ZP819

ZP822 Pendant

14K - ZP822

ZP814 Pendant

14K - ZP814

ZP804 Pendant

14K - ZP804

ZP805 Pendant

14K - ZP805

ZP790 Pendant

14K - ZP790

ZP776 Pendant

14K - ZP776

ZP779 Pendant

14K - ZP779

ZP768 Pendant

14K - ZP768

ZP755 Pendant

14K - ZP755

ZP756 Pendant

14K - ZP756

ZP749 Pendant

14K - ZP749

ZP723 Pendant

14K - ZP723

ZP691 Pendant

14K - ZP691

ZE614 Earring

14K - ZE614

ZE615 Earring

14K - ZE615

ZE616 Earring

14K - ZE616

ZE610 Earring

14K - ZE610

ZE612 Earring

14K - ZE612

ZE604 Earring

14K - ZE604

ZE607 Earring

14K - ZE607

ZE598 Earring

14K - ZE598

ZE603 Earring

14K - ZE603

ZE589 Earring

14K - ZE589

ZE596 Earring

14K - ZE596

ZE588 Earring

14K - ZE588

ZE567 Earring

14K - ZE567

ZE577 Earring

14K - ZE577

ZE564 Earring

14K - ZE564

ZE545 Earring

14K - ZE545

ZE549 Earring

14K - ZE549

ZE553 Earring

14K - ZE553

ZB216 Bracelet

14K - ZB216

ZB206 Bangle

14K - ZB206

ZB215 Bracelet

14K - ZB215

ZR981 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR981

ZR981 Wedding Band

14K - ZR981

ZR523 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR523

ZR523 Wedding Band

14K - ZR523

ZR482 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR482

ZR482 Wedding Band

14K - ZR482

ZR457 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR457

ZR457 Wedding Band

14K - ZR457

ZR407 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR407

ZR407 Wedding Band

14K - ZR407

ZR397 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR397

ZR397 Wedding Band

14K - ZR397

ZR265 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR265

ZR265 Wedding Band

14K - ZR265

ZR155 Wedding Band

14K - ZR155

ZR155 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR155

ZR1233 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR1233

ZR1233 Wedding Band

14K - ZR1233

ZR1232 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR1232

ZR1232 Wedding Band

14K - ZR1232

ZR1231 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR1231

ZR1231 Wedding Band

14K - ZR1231

ZR981 Wedding Set

14K - ZR981

ZR523 Wedding Set

14K - ZR523

ZR482 Wedding Set

14K - ZR482

ZR457 Wedding Set

14K - ZR457

ZR407 Wedding Set

14K - ZR407

ZR397 Wedding Set

14K - ZR397

ZR265 Wedding Set

14K - ZR265

ZR155 Wedding Set

14K - ZR155

ZR1231 Wedding Set

14K - ZR1231

ZR1232 Wedding Set

14K - ZR1232

ZR1233 Wedding Set

14K - ZR1233

ZR962 Right-Hand Ring

14K - ZR962

ZR933 Right-Hand Ring

14K - ZR933

ZR897 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR897

ZR883 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR883

ZR842 Fashion Ring

14K - ZR842

ZR846 Fashion Ring

14K - ZR846

ZR847 Fashion Ring

14K - ZR847

ZR850 Right-Hand Ring

14K - ZR850

ZR815 Right-Hand Ring

14K - ZR815

ZR777 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR777

ZR744 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR744

ZR716 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR716

ZR686 Right-Hand Ring

14K - ZR686

ZR691 Right-Hand Ring

14K - ZR691

ZR639 Fashion Ring

14K - ZR639

ZR650 Fashion Ring

14K - ZR650

ZR665 Fashion Ring

14K - ZR665

ZR631 Fashion Ring

14K - ZR631

ZR632-D Right-Hand Ring

14K - ZR632-D

ZR601 Right-Hand Ring

14K - ZR601

ZR550 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR550

ZR483 Fashion Ring

14K - ZR483

ZR484 Fashion Ring

14K - ZR484

ZR453 Fashion Ring

14K - ZR453

ZR424 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR424

ZR441 Fashion Ring

14K - ZR441

ZR353 Fashion Ring

14K - ZR353

ZR355 Fashion Ring

14K - ZR355

ZR364 Fashion Ring

14K - ZR364

ZR317 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR317

ZR320 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR320

ZR286 Fashion Ring

14K - ZR286

ZR237 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR237

ZR238 Fashion Ring

14K - ZR238

ZR210 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR210

ZR1269 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR1269

ZR1266 Right-Hand Ring

14K - ZR1266

ZR1253 Fashion Ring

14K - ZR1253

ZR1254 Fashion Ring

14K - ZR1254

ZR1243 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR1243

ZR1244 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR1244

ZR1246 Right-Hand Ring

14K - ZR1246

ZR1222 Fashion Ring

14K - ZR1222

ZR1220 Fashion Ring

14K - ZR1220

ZR1196 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR1196

ZR1187 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR1187

ZR1189 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR1189

ZR1190 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR1190

ZR1135 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR1135

ZR1138 Right-Hand Ring

14K - ZR1138

ZR1111 Right-Hand Ring

14K - ZR1111

ZR1112 Right-Hand Ring

14K - ZR1112

ZR1121 Fashion Ring

14K - ZR1121

ZR1125 Fashion Ring

14K - ZR1125

ZR1091 Fashion Ring

14K - ZR1091

ZR1098 Fashion Ring

14K - ZR1098

ZR1074 Fashion Ring

14K - ZR1074

ZR1066 Fashion Ring

14K - ZR1066

ZR1048 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR1048

ZR1049 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR1049

ZR1024 Right-Hand Ring

14K - ZR1024

ZR1026 Right-Hand Ring

14K - ZR1026

ZR1003 Fashion Ring

14K - ZR1003

ZR1004 Fashion Ring

14K - ZR1004

ZR1008 Fashion Ring

14K - ZR1008

ZR1009 Fashion Ring

14K - ZR1009

ZR1012 Right-Hand Ring

14K - ZR1012

ZR1015 Right-Hand Ring

14K - ZR1015

ZP743 Pendant

14K - ZP743

ZP744 Pendant

14K - ZP744

ZP751 Pendant

14K - ZP751

ZR1001 Fashion Ring

14K - ZR1001

ZP728 Pendant

14K - ZP728

ZP738 Pendant

14K - ZP738

ZP701 Pendant

14K - ZP701

ZP704 Pendant

14K - ZP704

ZP724 Pendant

14K - ZP724

ZP725 Pendant

14K - ZP725

ZP726 Pendant

14K - ZP726

ZP727 Pendant

14K - ZP727

ZP692 Pendant

14K - ZP692

ZP681 Pendant

14K - ZP681

ZP683 Pendant

14K - ZP683

ZP684 Pendant

14K - ZP684

ZP666 Pendant

14K - ZP666

ZP668 Pendant

14K - ZP668

ZP673 Pendant

14K - ZP673

ZP649 Pendant

14K - ZP649

ZP625 Pendant

14K - ZP625

ZP629 Pendant

14K - ZP629

ZP610 Pendant

14K - ZP610

ZP612 Pendant

14K - ZP612

ZP598 Pendant

14K - ZP598

ZP602 Pendant

14K - ZP602

ZP502 Pendant

14K - ZP502

ZP503 Pendant

14K - ZP503

ZP506 Pendant

14K - ZP506

ZP484 Pendant

14K - ZP484

ZP481 Pendant

14K - ZP481

ZP443 Pendant

14K - ZP443

ZP444 Pendant

14K - ZP444

ZP445 Pendant

14K - ZP445

ZP446 Pendant

14K - ZP446

ZP451 Pendant

14K - ZP451

ZP428 Pendant

14K - ZP428

ZP429 Pendant

14K - ZP429

ZP410 Pendant

14K - ZP410

ZP414 Pendant

14K - ZP414

ZP380 Pendant

14K - ZP380

ZP382 Pendant

14K - ZP382

ZP384 Pendant

14K - ZP384

ZP385 Pendant

14K - ZP385

ZP386 Pendant

14K - ZP386

ZP373 Pendant

14K - ZP373

ZP340 Pendant

14K - ZP340

ZP242 Pendant

14K - ZP242

ZP254 Pendant

14K - ZP254

ZP255 Pendant

14K - ZP255

ZP156 Pendant

14K - ZP156

ZP205 Pendant

14K - ZP205

ZP234 Pendant

14K - ZP234

ZE524 Earring

14K - ZE524

ZE525 Earring

14K - ZE525

ZE526 Earring

14K - ZE526

ZE527 Earring

14K - ZE527

ZE528 Earring

14K - ZE528

ZE492 Earring

14K - ZE492

ZE498 Earring

14K - ZE498

ZE480 Earring

14K - ZE480

ZE490 Earring

14K - ZE490

ZE491 Earring

14K - ZE491

ZE468 Earring

14K - ZE468

ZE446 Earring

14K - ZE446

ZE422 Earring

14K - ZE422

ZE423 Earring

14K - ZE423

ZE410 Earring

14K - ZE410

ZE389 Earring

14K - ZE389

ZE372 Earring

14K - ZE372

ZE378 Earring

14K - ZE378

ZE350 Earring

14K - ZE350

ZE328 Earring

14K - ZE328

ZE337 Earring

14K - ZE337

ZE339 Earring

14K - ZE339

ZE313 Earring

14K - ZE313

ZE267 Earring

14K - ZE267

ZE286 Earring

14K - ZE286

ZE249 Earring

14K - ZE249

ZE156 Earring

14K - ZE156

ZE173 Earring

14K - ZE173