She doesn’t buy flowers.
She grows them.
She is a Nature Lover.

Who needs a gym membership when you have the great outdoors? She prefers the wind in her hair and the scent of eucalyptus it carries. Like she says, a wild strawberry tastes better than any farmed one. She is attracted to objects inspired by nature and which themselves somehow feel alive. She is a Nature Lover.

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Nature Lover Details

As the name implies jewelry for the Nature Lover comes to life in designs inspired by nature. Flowers, vines, leaves, branches, bird’s wings, and similar elements create the design nomenclature.

ZR220-A Right-Hand Ring

14K - ZR220-A

ZR1434 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR1434

ZR1435 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR1435

ZR1435 Wedding Band

14K - ZR1435

ZR1435 Wedding Set

14K - ZR1435

ZR1424 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR1424

ZR1401 Right-Hand Ring

14K - ZR1401

ZR1398 Right-Hand Ring

14K - ZR1398

ZR1389 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR1389

ZR1390 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR1390

ZR1371 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR1371

ZR1362 Right-Hand Ring

14K - ZR1362

ZR1348 Right-Hand Ring

14K - ZR1348

ZR1324 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR1324

ZR1298 Fashion Ring

14K - ZR1298

ZP829 Pendant

14K - ZP829

ZP818 Pendant

14K - ZP818

ZP809 Pendant

14K - ZP809

ZP810 Pendant

14K - ZP810

ZP806 Pendant

14K - ZP806

ZP783 Pendant

14K - ZP783

ZP785 Pendant

14K - ZP785

ZP777 Pendant

14K - ZP777

ZP769 Pendant

14K - ZP769

ZP762 Pendant

14K - ZP762

ZP758 Pendant

14K - ZP758

ZP111 Pendant

14K - ZP111

ZE618 Earring

14K - ZE618

ZE606 Earring

14K - ZE606

ZE608 Earring

14K - ZE608

ZE582 Earring

14K - ZE582

ZE576 Earring

14K - ZE576

ZE559 Earring

14K - ZE559

ZE565 Earring

14K - ZE565

ZB217 Bracelet

14K - ZB217

ZR423 Wedding Band

14K - ZR423

ZR423 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR423

ZR1200 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR1200

ZR1200 Wedding Band

14K - ZR1200

ZR1198 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR1198

ZR1198 Wedding Band

14K - ZR1198

ZR1018 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR1018

ZR1018 Wedding Band

14K - ZR1018

ZR423 Wedding Set

14K - ZR423

ZR1198 Wedding Set

14K - ZR1198

ZR1200 Wedding Set

14K - ZR1200

ZR1018 Wedding Set

14K - ZR1018

ZR965 Right-Hand Ring

14K - ZR965

ZR940 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR940

ZR911 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR911

ZR914 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR914

ZR915 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR915

ZR916 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR916

ZR917 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR917

ZR918 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR918

ZR924 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR924

ZR900 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR900

ZR902 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR902

ZR908 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR908

ZR874 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR874

ZR876 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR876

ZR879 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR879

ZR880 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR880

ZR853 Right-Hand Ring

14K - ZR853

ZR826 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR826

ZR837 Right-Hand Ring

14K - ZR837

ZR809 Right-Hand Ring

14K - ZR809

ZR759 Right-Hand Ring

14K - ZR759

ZR719 Right-Hand Ring

14K - ZR719

ZR728 Right-Hand Ring

14K - ZR728

ZR694 Right-Hand Ring

14K - ZR694

ZR698 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR698

ZR628 Right-Hand Ring

14K - ZR628

ZR583 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR583

ZR584 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR584

ZR586 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR586

ZR587 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR587

ZR591 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR591

ZR560 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR560

ZR518 Fashion Ring

14K - ZR518

ZR522 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR522

ZR502 Fashion Ring

14K - ZR502

ZR485 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR485

ZR374 Fashion Ring

14K - ZR374

ZR395 Fashion Ring

14K - ZR395

ZR358 Fashion Ring

14K - ZR358

ZR342 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR342

ZR314 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR314

ZR231 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR231

ZR220 Right-Hand Ring

14K - ZR220

ZR216 Right-Hand Ring

14K - ZR216

ZR1251 Right-Hand Ring

14K - ZR1251

ZR1237 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR1237

ZR121 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR121

ZR1210 Right-Hand Ring

14K - ZR1210

ZR1197 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR1197

ZR1201 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR1201

ZR1140 Right-Hand Ring

14K - ZR1140

ZR1065 Right-Hand Ring

14K - ZR1065

ZR1020 Fashion Ring

14K - ZR1020

ZR1023 Right-Hand Ring

14K - ZR1023

ZR1023-A Right-Hand Ring

14K - ZR1023-A

ZR1000 Right-Hand Ring

14K - ZR1000

ZP734 Pendant

14K - ZP734

ZP735 Pendant

14K - ZP735

ZP718 Pendant

14K - ZP718

ZP667 Pendant

14K - ZP667

ZP680 Pendant

14K - ZP680

ZP650 Pendant

14K - ZP650

ZP622 Pendant

14K - ZP622

ZP624 Pendant

14K - ZP624

ZP608 Pendant

14K - ZP608

ZP609 Pendant

14K - ZP609

ZP620 Pendant

14K - ZP620

ZP621 Pendant

14K - ZP621

ZP595 Pendant

14K - ZP595

ZP599 Pendant

14K - ZP599

ZP513 Pendant

14K - ZP513

ZP487 Pendant

14K - ZP487

ZP491 Pendant

14K - ZP491

ZP465 Pendant

14K - ZP465

ZP449 Pendant

14K - ZP449

ZP454 Pendant

14K - ZP454

ZP434 Pendant

14K - ZP434

ZP439 Pendant

14K - ZP439

ZP404 Pendant

14K - ZP404

ZP396 Pendant

14K - ZP396

ZP362 Pendant

14K - ZP362

ZP371 Pendant

14K - ZP371

ZP316 Pendant

14K - ZP316

ZE534 Earring

14K - ZE534

ZE513 Earring

14K - ZE513

ZE479 Earring

14K - ZE479

ZE467 Earring

14K - ZE467

ZE447 Earring

14K - ZE447

ZE418 Earring

14K - ZE418

ZE424 Earring

14K - ZE424

ZE425 Earring

14K - ZE425

ZE395 Earring

14K - ZE395

ZE398 Earring

14K - ZE398

ZE409 Earring

14K - ZE409

ZE370 Earring

14K - ZE370

ZE376 Earring

14K - ZE376

ZE342 Earring

14K - ZE342

ZE343 Earring

14K - ZE343

ZE352 Earring

14K - ZE352

ZE331 Earring

14K - ZE331

ZE262 Earring

14K - ZE262

ZE287 Earring

14K - ZE287

ZE245 Earring

14K - ZE245

ZB151 Bracelet

14K - ZB151

ZB106 Bracelet

14K - ZB106