She is simple,
and timeless.
She is a Classic Beauty.

You might find her on the beach walking in the shallow surf or perhaps in her vegetable garden. She likes a lived-in feel to her home. Her life is full of character and charm. She loves timeless things that she can pass down. She is a Classic Beauty.

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Classic Beauty Details

Simple, timeless design informs the Classic Beauty collection with names taken from the best of New England. Clean solitaires with no stones on the side of the ring, is a rule of thumb. If there are stones circling the ring or band, they are small, delicate and confined to a single row. The Classic Beauty has the least bling of any of the girls in the Zeghani family.

ZB194-Y Bangle

14K - ZB194-Y

ZR1379 Fashion Ring

14K - ZR1379

ZR1356 Right-Hand Ring

14K - ZR1356

ZR1355 Right-Hand Ring

14K - ZR1355

ZP803 Pendant

14K - ZP803

ZP800 Pendant

14K - ZP800

ZP801 Pendant

14K - ZP801

ZP782 Pendant

14K - ZP782

ZP766 Pendant

14K - ZP766

ZE601 Earring

14K - ZE601

ZB195-R Bangle

14K - ZB195-R

ZB195-Y Bangle

14K - ZB195-Y

ZB205 Bracelet

14K - ZB205

ZB194 Bangle

14K - ZB194

ZB194-R Bangle

14K - ZB194-R

ZB194-Y Bracelet

14K - ZB194-Y

ZB195 Bangle

14K - ZB195

ZR480 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR480

ZR480 Wedding Band

14K - ZR480

ZR398 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR398

ZR398 Wedding Band

14K - ZR398

ZR331 Wedding Band

14K - ZR331

ZR331 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR331

ZR260 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR260

ZR260 Wedding Band

14K - ZR260

ZR263 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR263

ZR263 Wedding Band

14K - ZR263

ZR1185 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR1185

ZR1185 Wedding Band

14K - ZR1185

ZR1181 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR1181

ZR1181 Wedding Band

14K - ZR1181

ZR118 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR118

ZR118 Wedding Band

14K - ZR118

ZR1174 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR1174

ZR1174 Wedding Band

14K - ZR1174

ZR117 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR117

ZR117 Wedding Band

14K - ZR117

ZR105 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR105

ZR105 Wedding Band

14K - ZR105

ZR480 Wedding Set

14K - ZR480

ZR398 Wedding Set

14K - ZR398

ZR331 Wedding Set

14K - ZR331

ZR260 Wedding Set

14K - ZR260

ZR263 Wedding Set

14K - ZR263

ZR1174 Wedding Set

14K - ZR1174

ZR118 Wedding Set

14K - ZR118

ZR117 Wedding Set

14K - ZR117

ZR105 Wedding Set

14K - ZR105

ZR987 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR987

ZR963 Fashion Ring

14K - ZR963

ZR844 Fashion Ring

14K - ZR844

ZR828 Right-Hand Ring

14K - ZR828

ZR813 Right-Hand Ring

14K - ZR813

ZR814 Right-Hand Ring

14K - ZR814

ZR775 Fashion Ring

14K - ZR775

ZR788 Fashion Ring

14K - ZR788

ZR794 Right-Hand Ring

14K - ZR794

ZR743 Right-Hand Ring

14K - ZR743

ZR636 Fashion Ring

14K - ZR636

ZR548 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR548

ZR491 Fashion Ring

14K - ZR491

ZR492 Fashion Ring

14K - ZR492

ZR431 Right-Hand Ring

14K - ZR431

ZR432 Right-Hand Ring

14K - ZR432

ZR433 Right-Hand Ring

14K - ZR433

ZR411 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR411

ZR412 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR412

ZR413 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR413

ZR1255 Fashion Ring

14K - ZR1255

ZR1202 Right-Hand Ring

14K - ZR1202

ZR1126 Fashion Ring

14K - ZR1126

ZR1005 Fashion Ring

14K - ZR1005

ZR1007 Fashion Ring

14K - ZR1007

ZP740 Pendant

14K - ZP740

ZP648 Pendant

14K - ZP648

ZP637 Pendant

14K - ZP637

ZP640 Pendant

14K - ZP640

ZP588 Pendant

14K - ZP588

ZP600 Pendant

14K - ZP600

ZP512 Pendant

14K - ZP512

ZP488 Pendant

14K - ZP488

ZP495 Pendant

14K - ZP495

ZP474 Pendant

14K - ZP474

ZP441 Pendant

14K - ZP441

ZP402 Pendant

14K - ZP402

ZP403 Pendant

14K - ZP403

ZP408 Pendant

14K - ZP408

ZP409 Pendant

14K - ZP409

ZP412 Pendant

14K - ZP412

ZP375 Pendant

14K - ZP375

ZP383 Pendant

14K - ZP383

ZP262 Pendant

14K - ZP262

ZP263 Pendant

14K - ZP263

ZP264 Pendant

14K - ZP264

ZP287 Pendant

14K - ZP287

ZP288 Pendant

14K - ZP288

ZP289 Pendant

14K - ZP289

ZP153 Pendant

14K - ZP153

ZP158 Pendant

14K - ZP158

ZP161-A Pendant

14K - ZP161-A

ZP171 Pendant

14K - ZP171

ZP171-A Pendant

14K - ZP171-A

ZP194 Pendant

14K - ZP194

ZP195 Pendant

14K - ZP195

ZP199 Pendant

14K - ZP199

ZP102 Pendant

14K - ZP102

ZP108 Pendant

14K - ZP108

ZP142 Pendant

14K - ZP142

ZP149 Pendant

14K - ZP149

ZP151 Pendant

14K - ZP151

ZP152 Pendant

14K - ZP152

ZE536 Earring

14K - ZE536

ZE478 Earring

14K - ZE478

ZE488 Earring

14K - ZE488

ZE445 Earring

14K - ZE445

ZE397 Earring

14K - ZE397

ZE371 Earring

14K - ZE371

ZE321 Earring

14K - ZE321

ZE334 Earring

14K - ZE334

ZE294 Earring

14K - ZE294

ZE307 Earring

14K - ZE307

ZE314 Earring

14K - ZE314

ZE204 Earring

14K - ZE204

ZE103 Earring

14K - ZE103

ZB179 Bracelet

14K - ZB179

ZB185 Bracelet

14K - ZB185

ZB122 Bracelet

14K - ZB122