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Classic Beauty Details

You might find her on the beach walking in the shallow surf or perhaps in her vegetable garden. She likes a lived-in feel to her home. Her life is full of character and charm. She loves timeless things that she can pass down. She is a Classic Beauty.

ZR411 Engagement Ring

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ZR412 Engagement Ring

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ZR413 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR413

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Vintage Vixen Details

She has an artisan’s eye and is attracted to “old world” craftsmanship. She loves the 20’s, 40’s, the Victorian Era and the Renaissance. She is a proud romantic and appreciates artful gestures of love. She is a Vintage Vixen.

ZR1033 Engagement Ring

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ZR1051 Engagement Ring

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ZR1053 Engagement Ring

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Nature Lover Details

Who needs a gym membership when you have the great outdoors? She prefers the wind in her hair and the scent of eucalyptus it carries. Like she says, a wild strawberry tastes better than any farmed one. She is attracted to objects inspired by nature and which themselves somehow feel alive. She is a Nature Lover.

ZR1197 Engagement Ring

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ZR1201 Engagement Ring

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ZR121 Engagement Ring

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Refined Rebel Details

She’s always been cut from a different cloth. She is spontaneous and daring with a magnetic gravity that is irresistible. She’s a whirlwind, but with her it’s never boring. She’s attracted to things collected on the road less travelled. She is a Refined Rebel.

ZR1048 Engagement Ring

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ZR1049 Engagement Ring

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ZR1135 Engagement Ring

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Blindingly Beautiful Details

She’s a stunner. When she enters a room, heads turn and eyes burn. If she only lives once, she might as well sparkle. She lives a platinum life, but has a heart of gold. She takes it all the way to sunrise but takes nothing for granted. And that’s what makes her Blindingly Beautiful.

ZR1134 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR1134

ZR1137 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR1137

ZR114 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR114

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Delicate Diva Details

A sparkling city girl, the Delicate Diva likes a little bit of bling, but not too much. You’ll find her at cocktail parties, museum functions, gallery openings and fundraisers. She’s got French champagne in her fridge, Italian shoes in her closet and a German car in her garage. She is attracted to quality, refinement, and understated elegance.

ZR1032 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR1032

ZR1035 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR1035

ZR1038 Engagement Ring

14K - ZR1038